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How does Matched Betting work?

Matched betting works by using free bets and bonuses to stack the odds in your favour.

When you place a bet at a bookmaker, the bookmaker is effectively betting against your outcome coming true. They balance the odds offered to ensure they make a profit no matter what the outcome. In matched betting, you act as the bettor and the bookmaker, stacking the odds in your own favour.

It involves making two kinds of bets:

Back Bet

As the name suggests, a back bet means that you're backing a certain outcome to come true -- you're betting that something will happen. You place back bets at regular online bookmakers.  Example: Man City to win.

Lay Bet

With a lay bet, you're betting against a certain outcome -- you're betting that it won't come true so that it cancels out your back bet. You can only place lay bets through betting exchanges. Example: Man City not to win.

These two bets cancel each other out, if Man City wins, you win with your ‘Back’ bet, if Man City do not win, you win with your ‘Lay’ bet. With most Exchange’s this initial ‘qualifying’ bet will result in a small loss. This is where betconnect is different.

How to win more whilst Matched Betting with betconnect.

With betconnect you will have no qualifying loss and we also charge 0% commission.

Press the betconnect button and unlock your Bet Request.

Visit a bookmaker of your choice who is offering the same odds or better (we will even show you the odds).

Place the bet with your bookmaker (make sure the odds are the same or better than the odds on the Bet Request).

Enter the same stake you placed with your bookmaker.

Click ‘Follow’ and then ‘Confirm’

You have matched a bet!

Laying the bet with betconnect is done at the market back price, meaning you will be able to back at your bookie of choice at the same odds, resulting in a zero qualifying loss.


What if I am restricted at my bookie, is laying first a risk?

When you ‘unlock’ the bet with b/c you then have a further 8 minutes to lay. Use this time to find and place the back bet with the confidence that if you are restricted or ‘gubbed’, you can return to b/c and reject the bet.

Can you show me how it works?