Our research team at yesbets have been testing out betconnect for the last few months, and to be fair we have loved the product and it has made a serious boost to our profits since we added into the mix. Within this article, we are going to provide you with the top five tips to making betconnect a success, but if you are interested in a more in depth view please check our full betconnect review.

Let’s not waste anymore time lets get stuck straight in, here are our top five tips to get the most out of betconnect.

Tip 1 – Oddschecker

Betconnect do provide you with a list of key bookmakers that have the odds that the pro wants, but remember if you can quickly check oddschecker for a more detailed list of bookmaker odds. There are times that you can find higher odds at a bookmaker not listed by betconnect. (see the example in Tip 4 – Shanroe Al C at Limerick 15:40 on the 11th April, odds required 50/1, via oddschecker we found MarathonBet’s odds still sitting at 66/1)

Tip 2 – Combine With Sign Up Offers

Following on from tip 1, we can easily use the betrequests provided as the qualifying bets on a sign up offer (see our whole list of bookmaker free bet sign up offers) . Instead of taking a qualifying loss by laying at an exchange, we can place the required bet (remember we don’t always need to take the full betrequest stake on offer).

For example, if you find a betrequest that William Hill has the best odds, you can place the £10 qualifying bet at William Hill, giving you access to the £30 free bets with no loss at all.

Tip 3 – Ongoing Offers From Bookmakers

At the time of writing, there are some really great reload offers kicking about for example, the most memorable currently being Bet365 / Paddy Powers two goals ahead promotions (2UP).

One of my favourite ways of utilising betconnect is to combine the betrequests on offer with any ongoing promotions available from the bookmakers. Let’s take a quick look at one such betrequest.

Premier league match between Brighton v Southampton, the pro “Hawkley” wants £15 on Watford to win at odds of 1.75. As you can see from the “Best Odds” all bookmakers are currently offering the required 1.75 the pro wants, a quick check at bet365, we can see the odds are also 1.75. We can place this bet at bet365 and will qualify for the two goals ahead promo. If Watford go two goals ahead and don’t win the game, bet365 will pay us our as a winner plus we will get our stake back from betrequest.  Just remember the stakes wanted by pros can vary, depending on the liability you have set in your account and your current balance. If we managed to get £100+ stake, there would be some decent profit available at low / no risk.

Please check out the following video for more details on betconnect & 2up:

The 2up offer is not the only ongoing offer you can go after, there is a long list available, some key worth noting are Extra Places, Arbing, Best Odds Guaranteed, WIlliam Hill Golden Goal, Horse racing 2nd place refund.

Tip 4 – Follow Pros

If you want to receive betrequests from specific pro’s, its worthwhile connecting with them, as live chat explains “If you are connected to a pro, and they have an active bet request, you will receive this bet straight away. So yes it will give you a better chance of receiving their bet requests. “

You can quickly see some very profitable tipers, “Birkdale” currently has an average return on investment of 57.7%. We can see there have been 12 weeks and 12 losing weeks. It does not mean you are going to be winning each and every time you follow the pros tips, but this pro over the long term is extremely profitable. It really depends what you are looking for from a tipster, if it’s high stakes you are after, then try following tipsters with 5/5 on “pro average stake size”.

As we had been on the site for some time, we had seen “Birkdale” pick some great winners (usually horses from Ireland that go offer at least half the value they when the betconnect is provided). Using tip 1, we found Shanrow Al C at 66/1 at Marathon Bet and the pro only wanted 50/1 so by taking the £5 each way, we would have made money if the horse won or placed.

As you can see from our marathon bet account, we placed £5 each way. The horse went on to win and returned £422.50 tp marathonbet and we paid out £312.50 to the pro, therefore netted a £422.50 (return) – £10 (stake) – £312.50 (betconnect liability lost) = £100 profit.

Tip 5 – Check & Double Check

If you are familiar with matched betting, the key to making profits is to limit the number of mistakes you make, the same goes with betconnect. Please make sure to check the bets have been placed successfully with the bookmaker before you follow on betconnect. You have eight minutes before the betconnect will expire (reduced from 15 minutes), so just check and double check the required bets have been placed.