//Brooke’s Best Bits (Monday 13th May – Sunday 19th May)

Brooke’s Best Bits (Monday 13th May – Sunday 19th May)

Welcome back to Brooke’s Best Bits. Another exceptional week for the pro nanasez, who finished on an ROI of 51.9%nanasez is quickly becoming one of the best pros to follow on betconnect, with an overall ROI of 27.9% from over 700 bet requests! nanasez also takes home the ‘Best Bet of The Week’ title, after landing a massive gamble at Beverley last Tuesday. We’ll go into more detail later.

The most connected pro last week was Whisper, who gained 27 new connections. With the new connections, Whisper has now become the 7th most popular pro on betconnect, with 191 overall! Let’s hope Whisper fires in some winners over the next few weeks to give all the following punters something to cheer about.

As I mentioned earlier, the ‘Best Bet of The Week’ title is awarded to nanaseznanasez backed Valence in the 16:20 Class 5 Handicap at Beverley last Tuesday. nanasez got 100% of their stake matched at 20/1 very early in the morning. The horse was continually backed throughout the day, and by the off time, Valence was as short as 13/2! The gamble was landed after Valence was driven out under Robert Havlin to score by 2 lengths. Congratulations to nanasez and all the punters that followed!

For the extra category this week, we will again be looking at the ‘Best New Pro’. That title goes to the new tennis pro fiscelan. fiscelan joined betconnect last Thursday, and as of Sunday night, had recorded an ROI of 21.8% from 15 bet requests, a very solid start! fiscelan landed 9 of the 15 bets placed, the best of those coming on Sunday afternoon, where fiscelan backed the underdog Gulbis at 9/5 to beat Nishioka in the 1st round of the Geneva Open. After dominating the first set winning 6-2, Gulbis wrapped up the match winning 9-7 in the 2nd set tiebreak. fiscelan currently only has 2 connections, so go and check out their pro card!

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