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Welcome to betting’s inner circle. betconnect is the world’s only social betting network that gives you access to the bets of professional gamblers. We send you personalised bets – each called a Bet Request – direct from the Pros for you to Match. You decide what to do next. Do you Follow or Lay?

Our Pros are so good they can’t place bets with traditional bookmakers. Find out why.

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Join the best thing in betting… since betting. Connect with Pros to get the ultimate tip – personalised for you – thanks to our innovative technology. betconnect will change the way you bet… forever!

How does it Work?

Step 1: Connect

Connect : (verb) – gain access to the bets of professional gamblers

We Connect you to a network of professional gamblers. Restricted and often closed by the bookies due to their success, they have bets they want to place. That’s where you come in! You’ll be notified when the betconnect algorithm allocates you a Bet Request that meets your betting preferences

Don’t want to wait? Press the betconnect button to be next in the queue.

Step 2: Match

Match : (verb) – Lay the bet received

Unlock the Bet Request to reveal the details of the bet and get the ultimate tip! You now have 15 minutes to Match it on betconnect, safe in the knowledge that the same odds or better are available with the bookmakers… meanwhile you move on nicely to step 3.

Step 3: Follow?

Follow?: (verb) – place a bet for more than the Pro’s stake with a bookmaker

Here’s where it gets interesting…
Just how good is this Pro?

Love the bet?


Believe in the power of the Pro and Follow the same bet with your own money. Simply Match the Bet Request and place the same stake plus your own stake with any bookie who is offering the same odds or better. Get Involved!

Or simply


Be brave and bet against the Pro by becoming the bookie! Simply Match the Bet Request and do nothing further. Will bravery triumph over experience?

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