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Restricted or closed by the bookies?

betconnect is the world’s only social betting platform that gives you access to a network of Punters to Match your bets. Our Punters are actively looking to Match your Bet Requests. We provide you with unparalleled access to liquidity and the best prices, In return for Matching, Punters can use the bet details and decide whether to Follow or Lay.

Think you need a betconnect account? You’re not alone…..

Join In

Join the best thing in betting… since betting. Our innovative technology makes betting restrictions a thing of the past. We give you access to the very best prices from leading bookmakers. betconnect is the solution you have been waiting for!

How does it Work?

Step 1: Create

Create a Bet Request by completing our simple, menu-driven form. Choose your sport and market. We display real-time bookmaker prices for you to select. Set your stake and Submit. Your stake and commission are deducted from your balance. The betconnect algorithm then intelligently divides and distributes your Bet Request to our social network of Punters.

Step 2: Monitor

Monitor your progress bar updating in real-time as Punters Match your Bet Request. Your dashboard displays the current status of all your Bet Requests allowing you to manage them from a single screen.

Step 3: Settle

Once the event has finished, each Bet Request is settled. Based on the outcome, your account is either credited or debited accordingly. Any unmatched stakes and associated commissions are also refunded. Your funds are available to access immediately.