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Betting Advice

What’s so great about a BetConnect Punter account?

Why do I need a BetConnect Punter account?

BetConnect is a unique, transparent betting exchange that allows members with Punter accounts to see the bets that Pros want and decide whether or not to lay a fraction of those bets (that is, put up the liability that will help the Pro get his bet on).

But hang on, these are Pros! I’m not sure I want to lay their bets every time as I’ll get cleaned out, won’t I?

Exactly. That’s why we allow you to easily check the actual odds available online – and which bookmakers are offering them – compared to the prices they are requesting off you. Many of them are so keen to get their bets on they won’t even request the best price, so you might be able to back the same selection at an even better price.

On top of this, we give you a generous five-minute window to take action on the bet you see – so there’s plenty of time to hunt around for a better price.

Is that what “matched betting” is about?

Pretty much. By diligently managing your cashflow and liabilities you can ensure that you never lose in the long run. Much of the time you will be able to break even and sometimes you can lock in a profit whether or not the selection loses. Check out more about how matched betting works for a Punter account-holder.

But what if I can’t get a better price at an online bookie? How does that benefit me?

There are plenty of bookmaker concessions which you can read about later on in this piece which give regular matched bettors a clear edge. But if you are looking at a bet from a Pro who tends to win, then you have the option to place a bet that is bigger than the one you are matching.

OK, so how do I know how good a Pro is?

That’s the easy bit. Useful statistics about their BetConnect performance are prominently displayed on the Bet Request that you see. That helps you make an informed decision about their betting judgement.

So if I’ve worked out which Pros to Lay and which ones to Follow, are there any other ways that I can benefit?

There certainly are. In horse racing, you may have heard of the phrase “best odds guaranteed”. This is a concession which means may bookies pay out at bigger prices should your selection drift in the market before the start of the race. You can read more about how this benefits a BetConnect Punter here.

Anything else?

Yep. Certain feature races benefit from extra places with the bookmakers. You could match a horse each-way on BetConnect for three places and back it somewhere else for five places. If the horse then finishes fourth or fifth, you’re laughing because you’ve collected the Pro’s stake and made some bonus cash on the extra places with your own bet.

How about football?

You want to look out for the bookies offering “2 Up” deals on the Premier League and other major football fixtures. In these matches once a team leads by two goals they are automatically classified as a winner, even if the other team comes back to force a draw or a win. In this scenario, if you lay a Pro and back the same selection on “2 Up” terms, you have a play at a double win.

I’m getting interested, but I’m still not quite convinced.

Well how’s this? We’ll credit your account with £20 if you deposit £10 which you can use to cover any losses from your first three matched bets (make sure you don’t reject any of your first three bets to qualify for this concession!) See the full terms and conditions.

I like it.

Wait, there’s more. When you lay bets at BetConnect you do so at 0% commission (which isn’t the case at other exchanges) and at bookmakers’ prices which by and large are much more beneficial to a layer than the exchanges will offer.

BetConnect offers a ton of football markets

Surely I could just reject all the bets I see and back some of them myself somewhere else?

You could, but your Punter rating will be damaged and the algorithm that dictates what bets you see will stop you getting access to the best bets from the best Pros. In other words, don’t do it!

How do I make sure I get to see the bets that are most beneficial to me? I don’t just want to get all the random stuff I don’t want.

We can give you a truly tailormade experience of the BetConnect product. You just need to personalise your settings. From the tab called “The Pros” on your dashboard, select the ones you like by hitting CONNECT and get more of their bets. Any Pros you don’t want to see? Block them.

In “Account Settings” you will find more ways of ensuring you see appropriate bets, and you can also opt in to Match + More, which means you can match more of a single bet if you so desire.

One last thing. If I want to, can I have a Pro AND a Punter account?

Yes. You simply need to assign a different email address (and username) to each account. Plenty of our members get a great deal of value out of having both accounts and we are actively encouraging people to consider the benefits of that.


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