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Matched Betting Guide: How to get started with BetConnect

matched betting - weighing up the odds

Interested in matched betting but not sure where to start? This complete guide to matched betting will give you everything you need to get involved.

Matched betting. People who do it sometimes get called bad names, but we won’t turn our noses up at you if that’s your game. Matched betting ideally suits disciplined, patient types who don’t like risk and are happy to steadily accumulate long-term profit, bit by bit.

The best matched bettors are able to grow a money tree for themselves by taking emotion out of the game completely. Many of the best matched bettors are already involved in BetConnect. Others are starting to reach out to their networks to tell people about the benefits of matched betting with us.

Read on to find out why in our complete guide to matched betting with BetConnect.

Matched Betting Guide: How do I get started?

If you sign up for a Punter account we’ll credit your account with £50 in free bet credits when you deposit £10. What does that mean? Well, essentially you can safely match the first three Bet Requests you unlock up to £50. If the Pro – the person placing the Bet Request – loses, you win. If he wins, you break even. So long as you match all three of those first three bets you unlock, the £50 is a safety net against the liability you’re putting up.

Any more matched betting benefits?

Yep, plenty. Let’s start off by telling you about the benefits of laying bets at 0% commission. When you use other exchanges, like Betfair, commission is deducted from all betting transactions, back or lay. At BetConnect, while the Pros pay a small amount of commission, the Punters don’t. When it comes to regular matched betting, this is probably the single biggest benefit of a BetConnect Punter account.

And there’s more. Because you are laying bets based on bookmaker prices you’re practically guaranteed to get a shorter price than if you use an exchange like Betfair to do so. In addition, sometimes the Pros will want to use Custom Odds. When this happens, it’s GREAT NEWS for matched bettors.

Best bookie prices. No restrictions. Come over to BetConnect now for 30 days’ commission-free betting.

Custom Odds Explained

OK, so when a Pro really wants to get a bet on at BetConnect he will pick a price that’s a few ticks BELOW the best available price at UK bookmakers. When this happens, all the Punters opening the Bet Request will see where they can back the same selection at better odds, guaranteeing a profit whatever happens. This image says it all really…

matched betting guide - custom odds explained

You can use Profit Accumulator’s matched betting calculator to work out how much to stake with the bookmaker to lock in a profit. Essentially, because the odds you are getting are better with the bookmaker, you can have slightly less on with them compared to what you laid the bet with the Pro.

Anything else I should know?

Oh yes. Horse racing bets are settled with bookmakers at “best odds guaranteed”, which means if you back a Pro’s selection that then drifts in price before the start of the race you’ll get the enhanced price but will only pay the Pro at the odds struck at the time you matched the Bet Request. The more racing bets you match the more likely you are to strike gold with this.

Then there’s the 2-Up offer in football where some bookies will pay out early once a team has established a 2-0 lead. This means that by matching a football result bet you could get paid out early on Team A even if Team B comes back to draw or win the game. Conversely, the Pro you matched at BetConnect needs the final result to be a Team A win. So if that doesn’t happen, you win on both sides of the bet!

Can you help me hit my betting clubs targets?

Absolutely. Some bookies will allow you to unlock bonuses if you place a certain number of qualifying bets. Personalise your BetConnect settings to ensure you see only bets matching the criteria required – specifically you’ll need to ensure the bookie in question is offering live prices – and away you go.

Enjoy matched betting with BetConnect. Many people already are and remember, with us, matched bettors will never earn a bad rep.

Hopefully our guide to matched betting has given you everything you need to get started. If so, why not sign up for a BetConnect account today. Alternatively you can find more information on how it all works here.


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