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How to bet on Horse Racing: The BetConnect Betting Guide

horse racing

Fancy a bet on the horse racing but not sure where to start? Here’s everything you need to know about how to bet on horse racing and BetConnect’s unique offering.

How to bet on Horse Racing: A short history

Horse racing is a sport that rose to prominence in the 17th century in Britain as a vehicle to facilitate the bets of aristocratic gamblers.

In that regard it is very different to football, tennis, rugby etc – all pastimes that developed away from the glare of punting and were in fact quite disassociated from the gambling world until quite recently.

And while plenty of devotees of racing in the 21st century derive a huge amount of pleasure from simply watching thoroughbreds compete against each other, racing remains inextricably linked to betting in a way no other sport quite does.

How to bet on horse racing: The Racing calendar

Racing takes place on every day of the year across Britain and Ireland, except the period from 22 to 25 December, with both turf and synthetic surfaces used throughout the year.

Flat turf racing does not take place in the winter months (mid-November until late March) because the ground is not suitable for these speedy customers.

It is at this time of year that jumps racing comes into its own, before culminating with the major Festivals coming at Cheltenham in mid-March, Aintree in April (when the Grand National is staged) and Punchestown in May.

The flat turf season reaches its peak in June with the Derby and Royal Ascot while the all-weather flat season runs throughout the year with its featured Finals Day on Good Friday at Lingfield.

How to bet on Horse Racing: What can I bet on?

The BetConnect markets open every day at 9am prompt, irrespective of the time of the first race of the day.

We made the decision to run markets in this way (rather than when declarations are made a day or sometimes two days before).

Our thinking was that it was early enough for Pros making Bet Requests to get a decent price and late enough for Punters who lay them to be able to match-bet those Bet Requests. You can read more about the BetConnect #EarlyMarkets vision here.

We permit single bets (no complicated multipliers like yankees or Lucky 15s) on any horses and they can be placed as Win or Each-Way.

How to bet on Horse Racing: Will you Back or Lay?

At BetConnect, you need to have a Pro account to back a selection, and you need to have a Punter account to lay a horse. Many people enjoy having both.

When backing horses you can choose any horse from any race in Britain and Ireland on the day. When laying horses you unlock horse racing-specific Bet Requests.

Matched Betting in Horse Racing

Horse racing is one of the best sports to engage with for matched betting purposes, because there are a number of offers and incentives from online bookies that trigger bonuses and money-back offers which you can take advantage of. In this section of our horse racing betting guide, we explain exactly how.

Best Odds Guaranteed

Match any horse in any race and back it at the same terms at an online bookmaker. With 0% commission to lay the Pro on BetConnect you can protect yourself against any losses, but if the horse wins and goes off at a bigger price than you matched it at, you make a profit.

Read more about this brilliant deal and how it works for matched bettors at BetConnect here.

Extra Places

Lay a Pro at each-way terms on BetConnect, then back the same selection each-way at an online bookmaker offering extra places. If the horse finishes outside the places offered at standard industry terms on BetConnect but qualifies under enhanced place terms then bingo – you’ve won money off the BetConnect Pro AND through the bookie.

Other Special Offers

When major bookmakers are running promotions around the big Festivals they frequently offer fantastic deals. At the last Cheltenham Festival, SkyBet offered money back in cash on any beaten selection in the first race on Tuesday. This means you could have safely laid £5 of a Bet Request on any horse from a Pro, and back the same selection for £10 with SkyBet.

If the selection had lots, you’d have pocketed £5 off the Pro and lost nothing with SkyBet. If it had won at 5/1 you’d have made a net £25 profit by collecting a £50 profit with SkyBet balanced by a £25 loss to the BetConnect Pro.

Meanwhile, Paddy Power gave money back as a free bet if your horse finished second, third or fourth in EVERY race on day one while BetVictor ran a promotion in which new account-holders could pick up £20 in bonuses on a £10 initial bet – plus an extra £10 free bet for every Rachael Blackmore winner at the Festival.

Look out for Custom Odds enhancements

BetConnect Pros have the option of selecting Custom Odds on all Bet Requests. This means they are deliberately rejecting the best price available to make sure they get matched in full. When you see this it’s an open invitation to hunt the better price available and lock in profit if the selection wins while ensuring you break even if it loses.

Horse Racing Betting Explained: Time to get involved!

There are many advantages of betting on the horses at BetConnect as opposed to traditional exchanges or mainstream online bookies alone. Only at BetConnect can you enjoy ALL of the following:

  • Good liquidity early in the day if you want to back a horse
  • Great matched betting profits available if you’re a layer
  • Markets open on average 361 out of 365 days in the year
  • Markets settling on the same day the Bet Request is sent

We hope you continue to enjoy betting responsibly whatever takes your fancy, but remember to do so responsibly and if you have any queries our live chat team is always on hand to assist.

So that pretty much sums up everything you need to know about how to bet on horse racing with BetConnect. Remember markets open at 9am sharp every day for horse racing and Punters are always waiting to lay your selections!


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